Second COVID Lockdown
To All Pointeworks' Parents and Pupils All normal classes will be offered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

However, sadly from Thursday 5th November the National Lockdown will come into force, when once again our dancing will be disrupted! Therefore, classes within venues will not be allowed for the next few weeks. However, until we can resume normal lessons, I may be able to offer classes via Zoom. If I haven't already contacted you in person please email me for further information.

I hope to be able to restart classes on Wednesday 2nd December and then continue through to Thursday 17th December, but this will be subject to change if the Government imposes further restriction.
Winter Exam filming
Unfortunately the examinations which had already been postponed back in June and were due to be filmed on 28th of November and 5th December will now have to be re-scheduled to the early part of next year. More information will follow when lockdown comes to an end.

Thank you for your support during these difficult times! I hope you all stay well and safe over the next four weeks.
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Clara's Christmas Dream

Performed by pupils of Pointeworks at the Ludlow Assembley Rooms in 2016. Clara’s Christmas Dream.